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Chicago Network: Leadership Infrastructure - Building Preparedness

Event Details

The Carnegie Mellon University Chicago Network
invites you to a virtual presentation and discussion 

Leadership Infrastructure - Building Preparedness
What do we need to have for a durable recovery and readiness posture as women? As executives? As an ecosystem? Join a conversation with two CMU alumni exploring our individual and societal needs in this pandemic and what/where we go next as future-ready leaders. Participants are encouraged to prepare for the dialogue by watching this powerful talk about the power of ad-hoc teams during emergencies by Dr. Amy Edmonson. We will also be treated to a reminder that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves.

Tuesday, May 25
6 p.m. CDT
Virtual Session

All participants must register for this event. A Zoom login link will be provided before the virtual session in a confirmation email.

Who is Coming ?

Cameron R Callender
Class of 2023
Dietrich College of H and SS
Dana M. Bekavac
Jeffrey Alan Coyne
Class of 1996
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Jose Roberto Perez Gonzalez
Class of 2020
Heinz College
Julia Lopez Puga
Class of 2003
Graduate School of Industrial Admin.
Kathleen Marie Rai
Class of 1990
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Marchelle Micah Ecung
Class of 2013
Tepper School of Business
Mary K. Kosinski
Class of 2003
Mellon College of Science
Nisha Prakash
Class of 2014
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Niyati P Mehta
Class of 2005
Mellon College of Science
Riyaz Panjwani
Class of 2023
Heinz College
Sarah Jones
Savina Naomi Imrhan
Class of 2007
Computer Science
Shubhashree Mukherjee
Class of 2019
College of Fine Arts
Sonia Amabel Guerra
Class of 2001
Heinz School
Stephen John Wierzbowski FAIA
Class of 1975
College of Fine Arts
Tanya S. Tarr
Class of 2002
Heinz School
Xiangqing Annie Tangpong
Class of 2006
Carnegie Institute of Technology
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