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LA - Virtual Finance Fundamentals, a Conversation with Alumnus Scott Beasley

Event Details

The financial world is constantly changing, and keeping up with various rules and strategies can be hard. For some, it’s a nice hobby, but for most it can be pretty intimidating and difficult to ask for guidance in the fundamentals. This goal of this seminar will be to break down those fears and intimidation factors. If you are:

  • struggling with budgeting
  • paying off all those student loans from CMU
  • wondering about the differences between a mutual fund and ETF
  • curious about how you actually get out the money (and make sure it doesn’t run out!) that you’ve been saving for decades

We can talk about it! Join us for an casual interactive discussion, learn the fundamentals and ask the questions that you’ve always wondered about.

June 26
4-5 p.m. PT

Virtual. Zoom link will be provided in confirmation email.

Questions? Contact:
Dana Bekavac at dbekavac@andrew.cmu.edu.

Scott Beasley (CFA 2010) is a graduate of CMU with a major in vocal performance. While at CMU, he participated in many activities outside of the school of music and enjoyed the cross-disciplinary culture on campus. After CMU, he lived abroad in Florence, Italy for a year as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar before returning state side to complete his Master’s of Music at The University of Tennessee at Knoxville. While there, he met his future spouse and decided to settle down. Fresh out of his graduate degree he realized the travel and politics of music weren’t going to suit him, so he leaned on a different expertise and became a CrossFit coach for the next 5 years. These experiences solidified his passion in helping others, particularly with areas of life that were unfamiliar. He was recruited to Northwestern Mutual based on his desire to help others with one of the most important aspects of their lives, and to do it from an easy-going perspective and help those at all experience levels who are willing to learn. He specializes in helping people improve and grow their mindset around money and career, while also preparing them for the volatility of life.

Who is Coming ?

Amir Bazli Shahir
Class of 2013
Computer Science
Amit D Soman
Amy J Liu
Class of 2022
Tepper School of Business
Cathy Gu
Daniel M Salzman
Donald Edward Dei
Class of 1971
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Eric Yanhan Zhou
Class of 2022
Computer Science
Fletcher Patterson Hardiman Jr.
Class of 1970
Mellon College of Science
Hoan Cong Ho
Class of 2014
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Jennifer Baik
Class of 2019
Dietrich College of H and SS
Jin Wei Ni
Class of 2012
Tepper School of Business
John Michael Flowers
Class of 2011
Computer Science
Karen Lee Norbut-McElhany
Class of 1970
Humanities and Social Sciences
Karen Lee Norbut-McElhany
Class of 1970
Humanities and Social Sciences
Kishore Ramaswamy
Class of 2009
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Krutee N Shah
Leonardo M. Larrahondo MBA
Class of 1998
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Louie P. Martirez
Class of 1995
Heinz School
Marcos Mastretta
Class of 1997
Graduate School of Industrial Admin.
Mi R Jung
Michael Joshua Molina
Class of 2026
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Milton J Molina
Nayan L Shah
Payal Goorha
Richard Allen Elder
Class of 1966
Mellon College of Science
Rita Iyoha
Rosa Rendon
Class of 2013
Heinz College
Stephen Serrao
Class of 2014
Tepper School of Business
Sudhakar V Enjeeti
Sydney Eunbin Cha
Class of 2025
College of Fine Arts
Taranjit S Lamba
Ting C. Luh
Class of 1987
Industrial Management
Yi-Shiuan Sandra Chen
Class of 2020
Computer Science
Zahava R Trosten
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