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Faculty Dialogue - Softbotics - Building Robotics for Everyday Life

Event Details

Faculty Dialogue BAnner

Building Robotics for Everyday Life

Wednesday, January 26
4-5 p.m. ET
Zoom Webinar, Online

To join us, register by Tuesday, January 25. You will receive a Zoom login link in a confirmation email

You will have the opportunity to indicate the need for accessibility accommodations as you register. If you have any questions, contact CMUevents@andrew.cmu.edu.

About the Event

Softbotics is about bringing robotics into everyday life – and evolving our own thinking from robots as large, industrial scale machines to smaller, human-scale components that integrate into our lives and our world.

In order to pioneer this new generation of machines that are safe and comfortable for direct physical interaction with humans, researchers must create imperceptible robots and develop highly symbiotic, complex systems that seamlessly integrate with human life.

Join a panel of CMU experts for a discussion of how their groundbreaking research is creating small, soft and biointerfacing machines and bringing robots into households, workplaces, hospitals and even the natural world.


Bill Sanders, moderator
Dr. William D. and Nancy W. Strecker Dean
College of Engineering

Bill Sanders head shot  

Sarah Bergbreiter
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
College of Engineering

Sarah Bergbreiter 

Carmel Majidi
Clarence H. Adamson Professor, Mechanical Engineering
College of Engineering

Carmel Majidi headshot 

Victoria Webster-Wood
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
College of Engineering

Victoria Webster-Wood headshot 

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