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CMU Basketball at the University of Rochester


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Join the CMU Rochester Network as we support our Tartans at the Carnegie Mellon University vs University of Rochester basketball games. The men's game starts at noon while the women's team plays at 2 p.m. Munch and mingle over cider and donuts under the bleachers between games - snacks provided by the Rochester Network. Bring your friends and family to cheer our teams to victory!

Noon - Men's game
1:30-ish - Munch and mingle
2 p.m. - Women's game


Cost of game ticket and parking, if necessary. Pay on-site.

Susan Garrow

Who is Coming ?

Andrea D Pickel
Class of 2014
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Christina Sluman

Dwight A. Garrow

Jeffrey William Loeffler
Class of 1986
Carnegie Institute of Technology
JJ Johnson

Jon Christopher Hausler
Class of 1971
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Susan C. Garrow
Class of 1973
Mellon College of Science
Tarrah Sluman

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