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Sacramento Area Happy Hour


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Join us to kick off the New Year with an informal Happy Hour with other local alumni and parents.

Event Contact:
Caroline Godkin cgodkin@alumni.cmu.edu

Who is Coming ?

Amy Madeleine Lilly
Class of 1990
Heinz School
Angel Verdugo
Class of 1996
Humanities and Social Sciences
Anny YuShan Huang PhD
Class of 2009
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Christine M. Tebes
Class of 2011
Heinz College
David Michael Grabowski
Class of 2011
College of Fine Arts

Jonathan David Spangler
Class of 2019
Heinz College
Siddharth Arora
Class of 2010
Carnegie Mellon University
Varun Arora
Class of 2012
Humanities and Social Sciences
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