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LA - Black History Month Kick-Off


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Black History Month is celebrated annually during the month of February to acknowledge the important contributions of people of African descent to life and culture. Join the CMBAA throughout the month of February across various U.S regions as we honor Black History!

Join us at Sweet Chick, a local hotspot for the millennial crowd and the New York hip-hop community simply by staying consistent - and catering to its patron’s personal tastes - outside of just their dining choices. It’s very likely that when you walk into either location, you’ll hear the sounds of Joey Bada$$ and Nas, who also became a partner in the business, blaring from the speakers.

Free to attend. Food and drink on your own.

Ashley Grice

Who is Coming ?

Aaron James Harris
Class of 2010
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Josh Hudson

Nadia Sasso

Peter Cha
Class of 2003
Humanities and Social Sciences
Rachel Kiner
Class of 2015
Heinz College
Rebekah E. Sager
Class of 1988
College of Fine Arts
Salma George Zahr
Class of 2004
Humanities and Social Sciences
Ted Wah Chang CFA
Class of 2002
Graduate School of Industrial Admin.
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