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Driving Business Outcomes Using Digital, Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

If you're a business leader, consultant or practitioner in Product, UX and engineering, this event is for you. Many industries in the last 12-18 months have been impacted severely due to the pandemic. Many have adopted Digital, Data and AI technologies to drive business outcomes. In this talk, Pratik Dhebri, advisor to leaders in Commercial Real Estate and other industries, will share a unique outside-in approach to build customer-centric digital products/platforms with data and AI that enable desired outcomes and newer business models. He will share how to obtain smart tech investments to drive hyper-growth and business optimizations to be future-proof.

Saturday, July 31
10-11 a.m. CT

Questions? Contact:
Sujoy Chandra at sujoy.chandra@gmail.com

Who is Coming ?

Asokan Sethu
Brett H Johnson
Daniel F. Shaw Jr.
Eric Strafel
Class of 2000
Graduate School of Industrial Admin.
Evan Andrew Vockley
Class of 2014
College of Fine Arts
Haywood Hunter
Class of 2019
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Joel David Dreskin
Class of 1983
Mellon College of Science
John C. Gammon
Class of 1998
Heinz School
Julie Lynn Kopko
Class of 1999
Graduate School of Industrial Admin.
Lan Mak
Class of 2002
Carnegie Mellon University
Lauren Kung
Class of 2023
Carnegie Mellon University
Lina Maria Bernal Martinez
Class of 2019
Tepper School of Business
Manibala Jonnalagadda
Marvin T. Chang
Class of 1991
Humanities and Social Sciences
Muhammad Zubair Khan
Pierre Germa
Class of 2019
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Piyawadee Sukaviriya
Pratik M Dhebri
Class of 2003
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Ram Viswanathan
Sai Sharan Ramanath Donthi
Class of 2009
Computer Science
Sri Priya Sukthi Sattenapalli
Sujoy Chandra
Class of 2008
Tepper School of Business
Sunil Badgujar
Vicky W Tang
vida gharavian
Ying Hu
Zahid A. Abbasi
Class of 2001
Graduate School of Industrial Admin.
Zhengjie Li
Class of 2021
Heinz College
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