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Business experiments have the potential to uncover insights in areas ranging from product design to marketing execution to supply chain optimization.

Increasingly, organizations are able to mine troves of historical data using sophisticated analytical techniques. However, in many cases, it is easier and more valuable to generate insights from targeted experiments. For example, which features deliver better product performance and what marketing tactics improve conversions.

Experiments are an invaluable tool for business leaders looking to drive innovation. Join us for a hands-on session to get started on your journey to generate value from business experiments.

Saturday, August 28
10-11 a.m. CT

Questions? Contact:
Sujoy Chandra at sujoy.chandra@gmail.com

Who is Coming ?

Brenda Fay Alexander Gipson
Class of 1977
Humanities and Social Sciences
Brenda Zetune
David Bolotin
Class of 1999
Graduate School of Industrial Admin.
Deborah J. Cohn
Class of 1991
Industrial Management
Lina Maria Bernal Martinez
Class of 2019
Tepper School of Business
Sujoy Chandra
Class of 2008
Tepper School of Business
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