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Learn about career experiences across consulting, finance and tech industries from alumni panelists Jillian Ward, David Mirsky, Sarah Peko-Spicer and Anusha Kukreja. Panelists will share insights from career transitions and career accelerators to getting your MBA and/or Ph.D.

Friday, July 16, 2021
Noon-1 p.m. ET
Virtual Event, Online 

If you plan to attend this event, you are required to register. A link will be provided in a confirmation email.

Register by July 15

If you have a disability and require accommodation for this event or have general questions, please contact Melissa Turk at mturk@andrew.cmu.edu.


Jillian Ward 
Senior AI solutions Architect, Soul Machines

Soul Machines is a high-growth startup that creates Digital People at scale. They are the world's first autonomous animation engine and develop AGI research. Her interest in emerging technology stemmed from supporting advanced statistical research at Carnegie Mellon University and Oxford University. Before moving to machine learning enterprise SaaS startups, she led strategy at bulge bracket banks which gives her the business insights to commercialize futuristic innovation.

Jillian Ward

David Mirsky
Executive director, BNP Paribas

He is a member of the Change & Solutions Americas Internal Consulting team. David serves as the head of the C&S TRAC team, a cross-discipline project team supporting business strategy and transformation for both wholesale and retail banking in the Americas region. Prior to BNPP, David spent a number of years in internal strategy consulting with JPMorgan Chase & Co. and IBM. David graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Carnegie Mellon University in 2009.

David Mirsky

Sarah Peko-Spicer
Ph.D. candidate, Department of Statistics, Northwestern University

In addition to working on her Ph.D., Peko-Spicer is a pre-doctoral fellow in the Institute of Education Sciences multidisciplinary training program. Her research focuses on statistical methods for program evaluation in the social sciences with a particular focus on experimental design for systematic replication programs. She earned her bachelor’s degree in economics and statistics from Carnegie Mellon University in 2013. Before pursuing her graduate studies, she worked as a data analyst for Pittsburgh Public Schools.  

Sarah Peko-Spicer

Anusha Kukreja
MBA candidate and Forte fellow,  INSEAD in France

Prior to graduate school, Kukreja spent five years as a strategy consultant at Deloitte, primarily in the supply chain and future of obility practices. Most recently, she was responsible for launching and growing Deloitte’s autonomous truck offering. Anusha is passionate about innovation ecosystems, transportation tech and mentoring. She graduated Carnegie Mellon in 2015 with bachelor’s degree in economics and statistics.

<Anusha Kukreja 

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