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DFW - You’ve Received Your DNA Test Results, What Now? Growing Your Family Tree



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Are you one of the millions who have recently taken a DNA test to learn about your ethnicity, perhaps wondering whether you should trade your lederhosen for a kilt, or a serape? Now is the time to discover the ancestors who passed their DNA to you – where they lived and what they experienced. The rapidly increasing availability of historic records online has made researching your ancestors easier than it has ever been. Regardless, you must take care to develop good research habits and avoid potential pitfalls as you grow your family tree. This presentation will include the tools, tips and techniques to get you started.

Saturday, September 18
10-11:30 a.m. CT

Questions? Contact:
Bernard Meisner at bmeisner@alumni.cmu.edu

Who is Coming ?

Andrew Houston Kahn
Class of 1981
Graduate School of Industrial Admin.
David Bolotin
Class of 1999
Graduate School of Industrial Admin.
Jocelyn Dalania Cenna
Class of 1977
Mellon College of Science
John Gordon Ball
Class of 1978
Graduate School of Industrial Admin.
John M. Sengenberger
Marcel Michael Weiner
Class of 1971
Industrial Management
Renee Leslie Robinson
Class of 2013
Heinz College
Smeet Ritesh Poladia
Class of 2021
Dietrich College of H and SS
Young Seok Won
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